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Elizabeth Dowling-Nash is a British Photographer, who works with alternative photographic methods in her practice. She uses her personal resonances to express the narratives in her projects. Each experience adds to the dimensions of her work. Looking into family, grief and memory, she explores her connection to the world through alternative photographic processes, expressing intimate emotions through the ritual-like process of printing. Conveying this greatly in the materiality of the process. These human experiences inspire the creation of physical prints, those primarily being cyanotypes. This chemical process allows reconnection of the imagery to the physical world. 


Through being present in nature Dowling-Nash feels motivated to produce work she can connect with, thus making meaning in the space and process obligatory. This work is to be presented in a way that others can touch and feel. Having this experience in person allows the audience to embrace the reality of her emotion through the physicality of the prints.


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Elizabeth Dowling-Nash


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