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A Letter to End

“Nature is a way to connect to the earth, to regain the feeling of living and growing. A place of sacrality and peace, a place to reflect on those who have been lost. Letters written and destroyed to generate a new beginning, transforming words into imagery. The colour blue isn’t one often seen in nature making it something new, something deceptive that doesn’t exist in these spaces.” In this project, there is a mixture of cyanotypes and screen-printed images surrounding nature’s beauty and the form of the land. These landscapes represent a larger depth of emotion that isn’t obvious at first glance. The quote above is from an installation layout, giving hints to the process and what the project means and represents. These words are crucial in revealing the depth in this project. I explore my reaction to death and how I can connect myself to nature to regain that sense of belonging in life after losing people close to me. Nature represents a sacred place to reflect and feel connected to the world which I show through the physicality of my prints and through the process of making them.


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Elizabeth Dowling-Nash


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